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Digital Marketing Strategies (25 steps) to launch new product in local market - Digital Qlick

Area based Traditional & Digital marketing strategy for Local Brand

Product Example: Chicken meat outlet

Firstly, to stay focused that our product reaches targeted market means we reach to those customers, where we first aim to open our outlet should be our first priority.

So starting from A Town and B town where researcher have been advised that two different outlets are going to be launched in February, would now share online marketing strategies and Digital Marketing strategy for brand perception & growth, loyalty and for call to action (CTA).

1.      Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
2.      App development (for meat Delivery)
3.      Website Design (Dynamic and user/mobile friendly)
4.      SEO (Seo of Website based on specified key word and area initially)
5.      Video production of Slaughter house showing hygiene and healthy food delivery system
6.      Viral Social Media Engagement (product based)

a.       Through interactive videos’ questionnaire,
b.      weekly activity winning round up,
c.       Traditional promotion (on buying up to 200 Dollars etc. from Chicken outlet),
d.      Social media groups and communities engagement,
e.       FB official page and AD promotion to get customer loyal and order online from Chicken FB page too

7.      Content Marketing strategy (Blogging) weekly 4 articles related to Chicken products with benefits and CTA (call to action)
8.      Gather market peer recommendations (Brand Ambassador and involvement of local community to advertise recommendations on social media channels)
9.      Define Editorial calendar for regular update and competitive advantage
10.  Conduct introductory shows (initially) in “A” town’s super market and other related market on weekends to engage and spread knowledge of Chicken products to general public.
11.  Affiliate marketing campaigns on popular American (California’s) pages like, or food related authority pages, etc
12.  Marketing Networking with well known Hotels and resorts chain to deliver best quality chicken and build strong referrals too.
13.  Email Marketing strategy (with promotional offers and branding)
14.  Regular / weekly Messages/SMS to local directory with branding
15.  Direct marketing (weekly magazine advertising)
16.  Leaflets’ distribution into local community
17.  Food Guest blogging
18.  Webinar on health hygiene
19.  Participate in food related events (expo, etc) to create maximum exposure on to general public mind
20.  PPC Google ad words with landing pages from sales point of view  
21.  Ads in food related Magazine and food TV shows/channels
22.  Cartoon Chicken character placement on different shopping malls with Kiosk and discount offers to bring interest from crowd places
23.  Register with PSDF as a market thought leader to teach industry about how to create and deliver food in hygienic department.
24.  Advertise on weekends Newspaper for brand awareness

25.  Outlet Opening ceremony and engagement of local media channel like Fox News,, etc

Digital marketing channels in above discussed marketing strategies are researched based on given information, detail plan along with timing and pricing along with impact on local targeted market would be share on request (based on your targeted product and market).
Looking forward to hear from your side

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